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TMT Alternate Sites Webinar Presentation: May 2017

TMT Alternate Sites Webinar Presentation: May 2017 (pdf)

This is the presentation delivered by Warren Skidmore and the TMT DEOPS site evaluation team in webinars held at 3 different dates and times to allow members of the TMT International Science Development Teams to participate.

Webinares were held at:

Monday 15th May, 8am PDT (15:00 UTC 15th May 2017) 

Wednesday 17th May, 12am PDT (07:00 UTC 17th May)

Wednesday 24th May, 4pm PDT (23:00 UTC 24th May)

Connections via zoom; 

The TMT DEOPS Site Evaluation Team consists of Christophe Dumas (TMT Observatory Scientist) and TMT System Scientists Warren Skidmore, Angel Otarola, Matthias Schoeck and Tony Travouillon. Each member of team carried out analysis, cross checking and results that are described in the presentation.

Editors: Warren Skidmore
Last update: June, 2017