Thirty Meter Telescope

Astronomy's next generation observatory.

Fast Facts For Astronomers

TMT in More Detail

The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) will be the world’s most advanced and capable ground-based optical, near-infrared, and mid-infrared observatory. It will integrate the latest innovations in precisions control, segmented mirror design, and adaptive optics.

The Detailed Science Case (PDF)

The Detailed Science Case (DSC) is the highest level statement of the TMT science case. The DSC was developed by members of the TMT International Science Development Teams and an editing team composed of members from all TMT partners. The DSC provides examples of the kinds of exciting, groundbreaking science that will be enabled by a 30m telescope. Wherever possible, synergies with other major new and upcoming facilities (e.g., the James Webb Space Telescope, the LSST and the Atacama Large Millimeter Array) are discussed. As appropriate, performance numbers (often conservative) are provided (e.g., sensitivities, integration times, spatial resolutions).

Editor: Warren Skidmore
Last update: April 2015

TMT Construction Proposal (PDF)

In May 2007, an initial TMT Construction Proposal was created by the project and reviewed by an external advisory panel (EAP). The EAP is an international panel with expertise in all aspects of large science projects — from technology to cost and schedule estimating. This Construction Proposal will be revised and updated as TMT design and development proceeds.

Editors: S. Dawson, S. Roberts