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2017 08 24: Radio interferometer Projects to TMT with quest for Planet. Speaker: Dr. Masao Saito


Announcing the next talk about science and engineering related to the Thirty Meter Telescope - TMTS series (Thirty Minutes (for) Talking Science)

Speaker: Dr. Masao Saito, TMT-J Telescope Group Leader, NAOJ

Speaking on: Radio interferometer Projects to TMT with quest for Planet

Date/time: Thursday 24th August, 12 noon PDT 

Location: TMT Board Room at the Pasadena Project Office (remote connections available on request)

Abstract: I was interested in formation of planets around Sun-like stars during my grad-student era and has been involved in various radio interferometery projects to study protoplanetary disks. I started my career in Nobeyama Radio Observatory mostly using the Nobeyama Millimeter Array (NMA) in Japan to observe rotating gas disks around young Sun-like stars in Taurus. After that I spent some time in the SubMillimeter Array (SMA) in Boston and Hawaii, and later moved to Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). Recently ALMA has revealed very detailed disk images that we dreamed about in the past and has indicated possible presence of giant planets. Now my interest is gradually shifted to planet themselves that desparately needs TMT. In my talk, I will present the above scientific topic very briefly along with my personal career involved in various radio interferometer projects.