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In the News: 2006

A collection of news publications that have recently featured TMT.

UVic Engineers Work On World’s Largest Telescope
University of Victoria Press Release


Colin Bradley, left, and Rodolphe Conan working on the test bench. A minuscule, flexible mirror not much bigger than an eye pupil now being tested by University of Victoria engineers will one day help astronomers peer at distant galaxies and watch stars being born. more »

Big Science in a Small Country


Canada has scarcely more than 10% the population of its neighbor to the south and spends less than one-seventh as much, per capita, on astronomy. Yet, somehow, it still manages to be a world leader. How does it do it? more »

Lincoln native helping design world’s biggest telescope
Lincoln Journal Star


Larry Stepp knows telescopes. He has worked on some of the biggest in the world; telescopes that sit on mountains and capture light from stars and galaxies billions of light-years away. more »