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In the News: 2008

A collection of news publications that have recently featured TMT.

Planning instrumentation for the Thirty Meter Telescope


A next-generation astronomical facility will incorporate a segmented mirror and cameras designed to study dark energy, search for extrasolar planets, and examine the origin and evolution of the universe. more »

E Aha 'Ia Ana 'O Maunakea? What will become of Maunakea?
Ka Wai Ola: The Living Water of Oha


A proposed telescope reignites discussion of the future of astronomy on the piko of Hawai‘i Island. more »

Mauna Key is not for sale
Hawaii Tribune-Herald


Telescope discussion has economy, technology at odds. more »

First, scope it out
Hawaii Tribune-Herald


The proposal to build a new telescope on Mauna Kea has generated vitriolic controversy on our island. Good people, political candidates and organizations are forming opinions about the project without knowing much about the issues involved. more »

Environmental statement needed for $1B telescope
Honolulu Star Bulletin


Mauna Kea has some of the best atmospheric conditions in the world to build a proposed Thirty Meter Telescope, but a desert mountain in Chile is also in competition for the $1 billion facility, project officials say. more »

Eligen zona del desierto chileno para instalación de telescopio de 30 metros


El cerro Armazones de Chile y Mauna Kea en Hawai, son los dos sitios astronóacute;micos seleccionados para instalar el Telescopio de Treinta Metros. more »

Le géant de l'astronomie sera construit à Hawaï ou au Chili
Ciel & Espace


Le TMT (thirty meter telescope), premier de la génération des télescopes géants, sera implanté soit au sommet du Mauna Kea, à Hawaï, soit sur le Cerro Armazones, dans le désert d'Atacama, au Chili. more »

AURA Selects David Silva as New Director of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory
National Optical Astronomy Observatory


Silva brings a wide variety of experience to this appointment as NOAO director, from his current duties as Observatory Scientist for the Thirty Meter Telescope project in Pasadena, CA, to past responsibilities for data management and user support at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Germany. more »

Eyes As Big As The Sky


Three teams are racing each other to bild the next generation of telescopes that would dramattically dwarf the largest on Earth today. more »

In the Shadow of a Giant
Palomar Skies


The TMT will have almost 36 times the light-gathering power of the Hale Telescope and will push astronomy into a new era of giant telescopes. more »