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Astronomy's next generation observatory.

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In the News: 2010

A collection of news publications that have recently featured TMT.

Video: MKMB OK on TMT
Big Island Video News


The Mauna Kea Management Board voted unanimously to approve the plan to build the Thirty Meter Telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea on Wednesday, during a public meeting held at Hilo’s Imiloa Astronomy Center. more »

Engineering a New Window on the Universe
Today's Engineer


It’s easy to appreciate how science and fundamental research advance engineering. What’s less obvious, however, is that the opposite is also true; engineering and innovation advance scientific research. Nowhere is that more clear than in the development of what will be one of the world’s most powerful and sophisticated scientific instruments, the aptly named Thirty Meter Telescope, or TMT. more »

TMT on Hawai'i Island
IFY Web Publication


The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) will be the most capable and advanced observatory on Earth. Maunakea, as one of the world’s premier sites for astronomy, was selected as the future home for TMT. This is welcome news to most of the people we have met in Hawai‘i. And we have met a lot of people. In addition to our fourteen Environmental Impact Statement public meetings, which attracted hundreds of participants, we have had more than 200 one-on-one and small group “talk story” sessions with people from all walks of life in Hawai‘i. more »