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In the News: 2011

A collection of news publications that have recently featured TMT.

Eye on the sky: UVic expertise helps build the world's largest telescope
Times Colonist


Imagine a telescope so powerful that it would let you see a loonie coin being held by someone in Calgary-from Victoria. Sound far-fetched? The technology is closer to reality than you think. An international team of scientists and engineers is currently building the world's largest and most advanced optical telescope-the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT)-and University of Victoria researchers are playing a key role in its development. more »

Chinese Astronomers Set Sights on Overseas Scopes
Science Insider


Chinese astronomers are about to gain a superior view of the heavens--at premier perches far from their homeland. The National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is negotiating with four world-class optical and infrared facilities in Chile and the United States to give Chinese astronomers around 50 nights of observing time per year at the telescopes, ScienceInsider has learned. more »

Bridging Science and Culture with the Thirty Meter Telescope


How taking the right steps helped mitigate a 40-year dispute in Hawaii. more »

Wreckage is from pristine star
BBC News


UK and US scientists have found the remnants of a star that exploded more than 13 billion years ago. more »