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In the News: 2012

A collection of news publications that have recently featured TMT.

Report backs TMT Project
Hawaii Tribune-Herald


The Thirty Meter Telescope, in limbo for more than a year, moved a huge step closer to approval with the release Friday of a long-awaited hearing officer's report in support of the University of Hawaii's request to build the giant observatory. more »

Volcanic eruptions on Jupiter's 'pizza moon' Io seen from Earth


A team of astronomers have proved it's possible to see volcanic eruptions on Io — a moon of Jupiter — from our perch on Earth hundreds of millions of miles away. The team used three large telescopes (8 to 10 meters in diameter) to watch over Io during the past 8 years: W.M. Keck II and Gemini North at Mauna Kea, Hawaii, and Chile's Very Large Telescope No. 4.  Franck Marchis, lead investigator of the study, estimates there are 7 telescopes in the world that can do the same kind of searches today, but there are more telescopes under construction that will make the technology even better. When TMT is ready in 2021, the images it will produce will be just 22 miles in resolution, Marchis said. more »

Searching for the First Stars
Kavli Foundation


How did the first stars and galaxies bring the young universe out of its dark ages and into the light?  The Kavli Foundation spoke with three prominent researchers about the hunt for the first stars and galaxies, and how direct and indirect observations are helping them get closer. The participants included Caltech astronomy professor and TMT Board member Richard Ellis, joined by astronomers George Becker and Avi Loeb.. more »