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From Mauna Kea in Hawaii, the view of the cosmos is spectacular. Giant black holes, distant galaxies, and extrasolar planets have all been uncovered by the massive telescopes that perch on this volcanic cone. Join the astronomers who use the Keck Telescopes to peer at objects so far away, their light started out before Earth was born. Also discover how the new Thirty Meter Telescope will dwarf even the massive glass eyes now in place, and why some of the world’s most important astronomical discoveries are being made in the Aloha State. Plus, why the building of telescopes on the volcano is controversial to some native Hawaiians. This program is also available on the Seti site.

Charles Blue: Science writer, Thirty Meter Telescope Project
Richard Ellis: Astronomer, California Institute of Technology
Koa Rice: Hawaiian culture consultant

Julian Christou: Adaptive optics scientist, Gemini North Telescope
Ashley Yeager: Outreach manager, Keck Telescope
Taft Armandroff: Director of the W. M. Keck Telescope

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