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Prequalification of Construction Bidders - Prequalification Submission Date and Time: October 4, 2013, 2pm Hawaii Standard Time




A.    Notice to Prospective Bidders: M3 Engineering & Technology Corporation (M3) acting as the Construction Manager in an advisory role for the Owner (TMT) will receive sealed Submittal of Qualifications from contractors interested in submitting construction bids on Project(s) described in this Advertisement, until the time and date given below.

B.    Owner:    TMT Observatory Corporation (TMT)
                       1111 South Arroyo Parkway
                       Suite 200
                       Pasadena, CA  91105

    Contact:     Paul Gillett, P.E.
    Phone:       626.395.1654

    1.    Owner's Representative and Construction Manager:     
           M3 Engineering & Technology Corp. (M3)
           2051 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 101
           Tucson, AZ  85704
           Contact:    José Terán U., AIA
                Phone:    520.822.8613


A.    Project Identification:  TMT Civil Package
       1.    Project Location:     
              Mauna Kea, Hawaii
              Mauna Kea Loop Road
              Tax Map Key and District: 3-4-4-15:9, HAMAKUA District

B.    Project Description:  The scope of work consists of but not limited to the construction of the TMT site rough grading, access road and underground utility conduits.  This includes all rough grading of the 4.85-acre (approx.) TMT Site, 0.61-mile asphalt paved road, drainage, underground conduit, hand holes and improvements associated with the access road, site and construction staging as noted in the drawing and written specification.

    1.    Project cost range is anticipated to be under $6,000,000.   
    2.    Project is anticipated to commence April 1, 2014.  
    3.    Project is anticipated to be substantially complete no later than     November 22, 2014.  

C.    Construction Contract: Prospective Bidders will prequalify for the following Work:
    1.    General Contract (all trades).


A.    Electronic Submittal:  Owner will receive a PDF version of the original hard copy Submittal of Qualifications until the time and date at the location given below. Owner will consider submittals prepared in compliance with the Request for Qualifications issued by Owner, and delivered as follows:

    1.    Date:  October 4, 2013.  
    2.    Time:  2:00pm Hawaii Standard Time (HST).
    3.    Submittal of Qualifications (PDF format) are to be submitted to the following project website:


B.    Hard Copy Submittal:  The original Submittal of Qualification is to be mailed and received by October 11, 2013 to the following address:   

M3 Engineering & Technology Corp. (M3)
2051 W. Sunset Road, Suite 101
Attn.: José Terán U., AIA
Tucson, AZ  85704

The electronic submittal must be received as noted above in order to accept the hard copy submittal.                                     

C.    Submittals of Qualifications will thereafter be evaluated.  Prospective Bidders' qualification information shall be considered confidential.


A.    A prequalification conference for all Prospective Bidders will be held at Mauna Kea, Hawaii on September 19, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. local time. All Prospective Bidders are requested to attend.

    1.    The site visit will commence at Mauna Kea observatories mid-level site at Hale Pohaku located approximately 9,000 feet above sea level and ascend to the project site which is at 13,200 feet above sea level

    2.    Due to the high altitude of the TMT site, altitude sickness can be an issue.  Respondents should be aware of these health concerns and any persons with health conditions that are adversely affected by the high altitude should not travel to the TMT site.  All persons should be aware that high altitude illnesses could occur to any person at any time, regardless of prior experiences at altitude.

    3.    The temperature at the TMT site can be cold, between 30 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  The site may also be windy.  Participants attending the site visit are required to bring appropriate clothing.

    4.    Prospective Bidders shall provide their own transportation to Hale Pohaku and the TMT site.  Four-wheel drive vehicles are required from Hale Pohaku to Mauna Kea, TMT site.

    5.    Qualified Prospective Bidders interested in attending the on-site conference must submit requests in writing via email to Jose Teran U., AIA ( by 5pm Pacific time on September 9, 2013.   Please include the following information with your request:

        a.    Name, contact information and affiliation of each person interested in attending.
        b.    Brief summary of each participant’s experience and the reason for their interest in the site visit.

        c.    Questions or concerns about visiting the project site.


A.    Online Prequalification Documents: Obtain access to the project website after August 29, 2013 by contacting the Construction Manager via e-mail ( and obtaining a User I.D. and Password. The following documents will be in PDF format for contractor download from the project website.

B.    Prequalification Documents:

    1.    00115 “Advertisement for Prequalification of Bidders.”
    2.    00153 “Request for Qualifications.”
    3.    AIA Document A305 (Word format)
    4.    Thirty Meter Telescope Civil Package Construction Documents:
           a.    Drawings:  TMT.SUM.DWG.13.001.DRF01.
           b.    Technical Specifications:  TMT.SUM.SPE.13.001.DRF01.

Construction documents are preliminary, not for construction and for reference only.

1.6    QUESTIONS and CLARIFICATION: All questions and requests for clarification must be submitted to the project website no later than September 26, 2013.  The Owner reserves the right to distribute received questions and responses to all Prospective Bidders.  


A.    Bidders must be properly licensed under the laws of the State of Hawaii and those governing their respective trades and be able to obtain insurance and bonds required for the Work. A Performance Bond Bid Bond, separate Labor and Material Payment Bond, and Insurance in a form acceptable to Owner will be required of the successful Bidder.

B.    The completed Prequalification Submittal for each Prospective Bidder will be evaluated by Owner according to criteria that includes but not limited to the following:

    1.    Proper license under the laws governing their respective trade(s).
    2.    Capacity to provide adequate Performance Bond, Labor and Material Payment Bond, Bid Bond and Insurance.
    3.    Adequate financial resources, work-in-hand capacity, adequate organization, and acceptable past performance.
    4.    Applicable experience of firm, including experience of Project and field management staff to be assigned to the Work.


A.    This Advertisement for Prequalification of Bidders document is issued by:   

M3 Engineering & Technology Corp. (M3)
2051 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 101
Tucson, AZ  85704
Contact:    José Terán U., AIA
        Phone:    520.822.8613