Issue 13 • October, 2007
Thirty Meter Telescope

Project Manager's Corner: TMT Written Down

  Gary Sanders

All great engineering projects start by writing down what you want to do. You cannot build it until you can write it all down. The enormous set of documents that describe an engineering project must begin with a small number of foundation documents. This set of documents, which provides the foundation for TMT design, is now available for you to read.


Focus On—TMT Observatory Requirements: Top Level, Deep, and Back Up Again
  George Angeli, TMT Systems Engineering Group Leader

It is customary to visualize the lifecycle of a project with a V-diagram like the one for TMT in Figure 1. During the development phase, the system specifications and designs get more and more detailed before reaching the point where the actual manufacturing or purchasing can start. This process of "digging deeper" into the design is captured by various documents from the high level requirements to system architecture, to subsystem requirements, to conceptual, preliminary, and, eventually, to final design.


Science Nugget—A Detailed Science Case for TMT
  David Silva (AURA/TMT), Paul Hickson (UBC), C. Steidel (CIT), Michael Bolte (UCO/Lick)

Those of us alive today are extraordinarily lucky to have the answers to some of the deepest questions about the universe around us. We have arrived at a moment when we can see the imprint of the Big Bang everywhere we look: from the smallest ripples in the cosmic microwave background to the filaments of galaxies stretching across the sky of the present day universe to the very water in our bodies.


Q & A with Matthias Schoeck

Matthias Schoeck leads the TMT Site Testing Group. He has been working on site testing issues for TMT, and previously for CELT/GSMT, since 2001. His previous experience is in adaptive optics and methods of atmospheric turbulence analysis. Matthias was recently interviewed by Warren Skidmore, one of the other TMT Site Testing Scientists.

Download Matthias Schoeck Interview
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