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TMT’s vision is to develop an innovative WEPOC plan and programs that are commensurate with the inspiring scientific goals of TMT. TMT’s partners, programmatic leadership, and the TMT WEPOC team are developing and implementing a strategy to drive this vision forward.


Each TMT partner has a representative on the WEPOC Board charged with developing and implementing the TMT WEPOC plan.

Eric Chisholm
Canada WEPOC Board representative / National Research Council of Canada (NRC - CNRC)
Janesse Brewer
TMT WEPOC Board consultant / 23.4 Degrees
Lisa Hunter
UC WEPOC Board representative / ISEE
Mitch Aiken
Caltech WEPOC Board representative
Samir Dhurde
India WEPOC Board representative / Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics
Sandra Dawson
TMT International Observatory
Wako Aoki
Japan WEPOC Board representative / National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)
Yiping Wang
China WEPOC Board representative / National Astronomical Observatories of China

In 2013, TMT formed a Workforce Education and Public Outreach (WEP) Advisory Group, consisting of education, workforce development, and outreach specialists from across the United States. This group was funded as part of an NSF grant to develop a proposal for potential US community involvement in the TMT observatory. The WEP group’s charter was to: develop a vision and approach that is responsive to the needs of the full international partnership that uniquely leverages TMT, and drives our own resource engine. Programmatically this will include workforce development, formal/informal education/ outreach & public communications (WEPOC).

Specifically, the WEPOC Advisory Group will provide advice on the NSF proposal, with an embedded WEPOC strategy.

The WEP Advisory Group met in Hawaii, California, and Japan, and heard from a number of experts on Hawaiian culture and education, US museums and planetarium, Japanese outreach, communication, and science education, and workforce development in the US and the world.

The final product of the WEP Advisory Group was part of a proposal to the NSF for TMT’s future education, outreach and workforce development.

Members of the WEP Advisory Group were:
  • Paul Coleman; UH IfA
  • Judith Donnelly; Three Rivers Community College
  • Michelle Hall; Science Education Solutions
  • Sue Ann Heatherly; NRAO
  • Derrick Pitts; Franklin Institute Science Museum
  • Stephen Pompea; WEP Chair; NOAO