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TMT Lunchtime talk

Abstract: In this talk Dr. Robert Q. Fugate will give specifics of his set up, image acquisition methods, and post processing techniques.
From Dr Fugate's own words: "This is not an overview of astrophotography but specifics on what I do to make deep space astro images from my light polluted back yard in the northeast heights of Albuquerque, NM. The talk is a summary of my imaging workflow process with the goal of generating discussion and specific questions. During 2021, I was able to make images of over 35 unique targets some of which are shown here in the image and which will be presented in more detail during the talk."

Please contact Warren Skidmore <>  if you would like to attend.

  • Category: Education & Outreach
  • Date: January 27th, 2022 - January 27th, 2022
  • Time: 12:00PM -01:00PM
  • Speaker: Dr. Bob Fugate (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
  • Location: Online Event

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