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TMT Science Forum 2019

Registration is open for the 7th annual TMT Science Forum to be held on the campus of Xiamen University, in China. Scheduled for November 4-6, 2019, make your plans and come to attend the next TMT Forum and get an update on the Thirty-Meter-Telescope design and construction.


Next TMT Science Forum

The TMT Science Forum 2019 is organized in Xiamen Island, China, on November 4-6, 2019. For any information and updates, please check the TMT 2019 Forum webpage at

The meeting will take place on the beautiful campus of Xiamen University, whose facilities are made available to host members of the TMT international astronomical community. The TMT Science Forum is the prime opportunity to learn about the Thirty-Meter-Telescope, get an update on its design and construction, discuss its science capabilities, and become involved in shaping the observatory's future. 

The theme for the 2019 Forum is "Science synergies in the era of the Thirty-Meter-Telescope”. A special emphasis will be made towards discussing scientific synergies between the TMT and space/ground -based facilities operating in the 2030s.

A workshop to discuss science and technologies for the TMT High Reolution Spectrograph will take place prior to the Forum on 3rd November.

Science Forum Poster - Pasadena 2018
Science Forum Poster - India 2017


Science Forum Poster - Japan 2016



Science Forum Poster - Washington D.C. 2015


Science Forum Poster - Tucson 2014


Science Forum Poster - Waikaloa 2013

Previous TMT Science Forums

The TMT partnership has been holding annual Science Forums since 2013. Previous forums have covered a range of topics, typically crossing science areas but always using ideas for science to explore topics that inform the design and operation of the observatory, indentify the priorities for observing capabilities and generate scientific collaboration across the TMT partnership and beyond.

Breakthrough Science With the Thirty Meter Telescope - Pasadena, CA, USA - December 2018
Examining the scientific breakthroughs enabled by the transformative capabilities provided by the TMT.

TMT: Beyond First Light - Mysore, India - November 2017
The forum to launch feasibility studies for future-generation instruments. See the call for Second Generation Instrument White Papers

International Partnership for Global Astronomy - Kyoto, Japan - May 2016
A forum for members of the international TMT community to map out cooperative strategies for developing the observatory and its instrumentation, running the facility, and carrying out science with global reach

Maximizing Transformative Science with TMT - Washington D.C., USA - May 2015
A forum is to think ahead about how to maximize the scientific return from TMT through innovative collaborations, telescope operations, data management, and instrumentation development

TMT in the Astronomical Landscape of the 2020s - Tucson, USA - July 2014
Exploring the synergy between TMT and other facilities in the post-2020 astronomical landscape.

Inaugural TMT Science Forum - Waikaloa, Hawaii - July 2013
Talks and workshops exploring TMT science, first-light and future instruments, observatory operations, archiving and data products, key projects and cross-partnership collaborations, and astronomy education and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) opportunities.