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June 9th, 2023 • News
International One Sky Project Highlights Importance and History of Indigenous Astronomy...
June 6th, 2023 • News
TMT Refrigeration Cooling System Proceeds to Preliminary Design Phase
June 2nd, 2023 • News
TMT Mirrors Alignment and Phasing System Progress
May 16th, 2023 • News
A Great AstroDay in Hilo
June 4th, 2023 • Conference
TMT will be at #AAS242 in Albuquerque
May 12th, 2023 • News
UH Mānoa Institute for Astronomy Open House 2023
April 28th, 2023 • News
Pasadena Science Fest 2023
February 15th, 2023 • Press Coverage
A View of the Universe: TNO Contributes to TMT Success
Zoa 2023 7950 tio tmt 0019
April 27th, 2023 • Artwork
Artist rendering of TMT
April 26th, 2023 • News
TMT’s Segment Support Assembly Enters Production in India
April 25th, 2023 • News
TMT Supports “Girls in Future Technologies”
March 29th, 2023 • Press Coverage
Path forward for Thirty Meter Telescope and Mauna Kea begins to emerge
March 23rd, 2023 • News
TMT’s Telescope Structure Readies for Production
Zoa 2023 7950 tio tmt expl 0108
April 27th, 2023 • Artwork
The Thirty Meter Telescope
0 1 prrs 2 3 team outside melco naoj tio img 1774
March 23rd, 2023 • Photograph
TMT STR PRRs 2 & 3 meetings in Japan
February 21st, 2023 • News
Pasadena Students in Caltech's Planet Finder Academy Hold Workshop at TMT Lab
February 17th, 2023 • News
Beautiful Photos of Green Comet C/2022 E3
February 27th, 2023 • Education & Outreach
Journey Through the Universe Returns to Hilo Classes
Img 2905
February 9th, 2023 • Photograph
Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy of India visits TMT
February 1st, 2023 • News
India TMT Coordination Centre Produces TMT Main Mirror Roundel
January 27th, 2023 • News
Call for TMT International Science Development Teams (ISDTs) Applications
February 3rd, 2023 • Press Coverage
New Project Director for NOIRLab US-ELT Program Appointed
20221206 151456
January 23rd, 2023 • Photograph
TMT M1 Roundel (SN050) produced by ITCC
Us eltp grouppicture01.11.2023
January 13th, 2023 • Photograph
TMT and the US Extremely Large Telescope Program Teams at AAS 241
November 17th, 2022 • News
TMT Segment Mount Undergoes Tests in the Netherlands

What is TMT?

The Thirty Meter Telescope is one of a new class of extremely large telescopes that will allow us to see deeper into space and observe cosmic objects with unprecedented sensitivity and detail.

What will TMT Explore?

TMT will be a unique tool for probing many outstanding open questions in astronomy. ●

Who is building TMT?

The Thirty Meter Telescope is being designed and developed by the TMT International Observatory LLC (TIO).

Our Story So Far ...

In 2009, the Thirty Meter Telescope International Observatory (TIO) selected Maunakea, on Hawaiʻi Island, as the preferred site to build and operate TMT after a rigorous five-year campaign that spanned the globe.

Latest From TMT

International One Sky Project Highlights Importance and History of Indigenous Astronomy Through Film
June 9th, 2023 Education & Outreach

The One Sky Project, led by the ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center and sponsored by the Thirty Meter Telescope, has produced a series of seven short fulldome films and a compiled full-length feature film focusing on cultural and Indigenous astronomy. This international collaboration seeks to build cross-cultural connections and increase understanding of different indigenous perspectives while demonstrating how our one sky connects us all. The films,...

TMT Refrigeration Cooling System Proceeds to Preliminary Design Phase
June 6th, 2023 Engineering & Technology

The TMT Refrigeration Cooling System (REFR) will proceed to the Preliminary Design phase next year after successfully passing its Conceptual Design Review closeout meeting on May 3, 2023.

TMT Mirrors Alignment and Phasing System Progress
June 2nd, 2023 Engineering & Technology

How will TMT make its 492 primary mirror segments behave as a single mirror of 30 meter diameter? TMT’s Alignment and Phasing System (APS) team has come up with the solution that will keep all of TMT’s mirrors aligned to a high precision of about 10 nm root-mean-square (RMS).