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CASCA 2018 - 49th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Astronomical Society

TMT will participate in the upcoming CASCA 2018, held at the Victoria Conference Centre in Victoria, BC from 22 May to 26 May 2018.  The meeting is co-hosted by the University of Victoria and the NRC Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Centre.

Garry Sanders and Christophe Dumas are invited speakers from TMT and will present the Science and Project perspective.

This year’s meeting will be focused on a look forward to the exciting new opportunities and challenges that face the Canadian astronomical community as the second century of Canadian astrophysical research begin.


CASCA 2018 program and more information at:


  • Category: Conference
  • Date: May 22nd, 2018 - May 26th, 2018
  • Time: 08:00AM -05:00PM
  • Location: Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC