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WFOS GLAO Upgrade Investigation

Ground Layer Adaptive Optics Upgrade

WFOS is being designed so that it is compatible with a possible future upgrade to ground layer adaptive optics, which would provide AO-enhanced image quality across the full WFOS field of view.  This has driven the image quality requirements for the spectrographs, to accommodate slits as narrow as 0.25 arcsec on the sky.  GLAO has also been anticipated in the conceptual design of the AGWFS system, which includes allocation of space for laser guide star wavefront sensing optics that would make use of the facility LGS asterism designated for GLAO (4 LGSs arranged in a rectangular configuration with angular separation of 4.6 arcmin X 5.6 arcmin.

Aside from making sure that the instrument’s image quality is sufficiently good to take advantage of GLAO, and a notional allocation of space for LGS wavefront sensing, no other components of a GLAO system are WFOS deliverables given the current scope.