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ITCC Delivers Production Components to TMT

M1CS Warping Harness Cable

The TIO Monrovia Lab has recently received a significant shipment of 140 warping harness cables from India TMT Coordination Center (ITCC). These cables are among the first production-level components received to date. Serving as the communication link between the Segment Support Assembly (SSA) and the observatory's imaging software, these cables play a crucial role in the system. Through them, data is analyzed and fed back to the SSA, enabling nanometer-level adjustments to the mirror segment surfaces. These fine-tunings are essential for delivering the clearest possible images.

Quality Assurance (QA) is currently performing incoming Receiving Inspections on these cables to ensure they meet operational requirements. The process includes the use of the CableEye electronics testing system, which compares the electrical properties of each cable against our approved templates. Custom electronics boards for each cable configuration have been designed by TIOʻs Chris Carter (M1CS).

Scott Page, TMT QA and Test Engineer, expressed enthusiasm about the delivery: "We are delighted to receive these warping harness cables from ITCC. We are in the process of sample inspecting for visual, mechanical, and electrical compliance. Once approved, they will be installed onto the SSAs being built at the Monrovia Lab.”

Congratulations to India TMT for this milestone! India TMT is committed to delivering the complete set of cables for the TMT's 492 segments and spares.

Pictured here is the CableEye electronics testing system, which plays a key role in ensuring the quality and reliability of these critical components.

TMT M1CS Warping Harness Cable Test

Testing TMT M1CS warping harness cable components using a CableEye electronic test system. Image credit: TIO

M1CS Warping Harness Cable Testing

Overview of the "CableEye" electronic testing system for TMT M1CS warping harness cable. Image credit: TIO


TMT Mirror Segment Actuators Production in India

TIO has also recently received eight Primary Mirror Control System (M1CS) segment actuators from Indian contractor Amado Tools, under contract from the India TMT Coordination Centre (ITCC). These are a sample of the first batch of the latest P3 prototype actuators produced, and reflect the latest and most advanced stage of our M1CS actuator development.

Chris Carter, senior telescope controls engineer, says “Prior to their arrival at the TMT Monrovia lab facility, the actuators were fabricated and built up by Amado and passed initial functional testing at ITCC. The Controls team at Monrovia will now subject these actuators to rigorous performance testing, which is the final step in the process of acceptance.”

Information about the history and development of TMT M1CS actuators can be found in the following “TMT Primary Mirror segment actuators: from prototyping to productionpaper submitted to SPIE Astronomical Telescopes & Instrumentation 2024 (16—21 June 2024) in Yokohama, Japan — SPIE poster paper 13094-169.

Poster: TMT Primary Mirror segment actuators: from prototyping to production

TMT M1CS P3 Actuator

The M1CS P3 Actuator shipment arrives at the TMT Monrovia lab from ITCC, India. An M1CS P3 actuator, manufactured in India by Amado Tools, with its enclosure coverplate removed. An M1CS P3 actuator on the test stand that mimics the mounting arrangement and the dynamic load from the segment that it will experience on the telescope. Image credit: TIO

TMT  M1CS P3 Actuators

Four M1CS P3 actuators in their shipping cases, at the point of receiving inspection at the TMT Monrovia lab. An M1CS P3 actuator, in its plastic shipping bag, showing the IP65-rated enclosure and three access ports (with white covers) used at installation. Image credit: TIO






TMT Primary Mirror Control System (M1CS) actuator and warping harness cable at TIO Lab in California, May 2024. Image credit: TMT International Observatory