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Completion of 100th Mirror Segment for TIO

May 7th, 2024

Credit: Coherent Inc.

On 19 March 2024, TIO and Coherent acknowledged the project’s achievement of the 100th polished roundel. TIO recognized this significant milestone by presenting Coherent with a commemorative banner. This accomplishment is the result of a collaborative effort of three organizations within TIO’s international partnership, dedicated to producing the mirror segments for TMT’s advanced primary mirror. In the United States, Coherent has polished 85 mirrors, while Canon in Japan has contributed 13 mirrors, and TMT India has added 2 mirrors to this ambitious project. From Left to right: Cristoval Villanueva, TMT Production Technician (Coherent); Zane Little, TMT Production Technician (Coherent); Heather Romero, Quality Assurance Supervisor (Coherent); Bob Anderson, TIO Quality Assurance Manager (TIO); Greg Feller, TMT Program Manager (Coherent).