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Judychu monrovialab20230817
August 22nd, 2023

U.S. Representative Judy Chu of California visited the TMT Lab in Monrovia in August 2023. TIO Executive Director Bob Kirshner and other project team members were on hand to talk about the project's development and showcase the work going on in the lab.

Caltechstu sergiosalata20230720 edit
July 28th, 2023

Sergio Salata, Astronomy Project Manager of Added Value Solutions (AVS) in Tenerife visits the TMT office. Sergio (far-right) joins a group of Caltech astronomy summer undergraduate research students, led by Prof. Matthew Graham (center), Project Scientist for the Zwicky Transient Factory, and visits the TMT lab. in California on 20 July 2023.

Tmt edgesensors june2023
July 17th, 2023

TMT edge sensors will align and stabilize the relative out-of-plane degrees of freedom (piston, tip, and tilt) of each 492 hexagonal mirror segment that forms the 30-meter TMT primary mirror.

Dustboots presentation1
July 17th, 2023

The sensor dust boots are designed to keep the sensors clean and dry. Functionality of the sensors dust boots is verified on the segments mounted on the Multi Segment Integration & Test facility at TMT lab.

20230626 053056762 ios
July 4th, 2023

Sr. Optical Engineer & Group Leader of the M1 Optics at ITOFF S. Sriram (from left) along with optics team members Chetan C (Sr. Optics Technician), T. Nataraj (Sr. Optics Technician), Sanjeev Jha (Optical Engineer), Pramod Panchal (Optical Engineer), Remya B S (Sr. Optics Technical Assistant), Devika Divakar (Scientific Associate), Alikhan Basheer (Optical Engineer).

20230626 053615455 ios
July 4th, 2023

Commissioning of TMT’s Primary Mirror Segment Polishing and Metrology Equipment in India -

Us eltp background aas 2023 vfinal clean sm rgb
June 7th, 2023

An illustration for the US Extremely Large Telescope Program (US-ELTP).

Refr a coolingunit
June 6th, 2023

TMT’s REFR-A Refrigerant Cooling Unit is placed in the summit utility room and includes the green compressors, red oil separator, condensers, CO2 receiver tank, control electronics etc.

Refr equipmen sum
June 6th, 2023

TMT’s main cooling units REFR-A, REFR-S and REFR-H are installed at ground level in the summit observatory utility room. The Refrigeration Cooling System (REFR) also provides all of the CO2 piping that supplies the hydrostatic bearing system heat exchanger, as well as the REFR-A and REFR-S client systems located on the telescope structure.

Img 9993
June 2nd, 2023

TMT’s APS includes all the necessary hardware, software, and interfaces to the Telescope Control System and M1, M2, and M3 control systems required to accomplish precise alignment of all TMT’s mirrors. The APS will have the capability to phase the 492 M1 segments so they behave as one unique single mirror of 30 meters in diameter.

7950 tio tmt vr 0035 cc %281%29
June 1st, 2023

A 360-degree rendered panorama of the Thirty Meter Telescope International Observatory can be accessed by copying the following link into your browser:

Img 7819 %281%29
May 17th, 2023

A Maunakea Coin Contest Winner collects her prize bag and smiles for the camera while being announced and applauded on stage with Uncle Kimo Pihana and Nadine Manset, another Coin Contest Committee member.

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