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Us elt booth aas235 20200107
January 7th, 2020

US ELT group picture at the 235th American Astronomical Society Meeting in Honolulu on January 2020, featuring representatives of the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) National Optical Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory (NOIRLab), the Giant Magellan Telescope Organization (GMTO), and the TMT International Observatory (TIO). [ From top left: Amanda Kocz, Director of Communications (GMTO); Rebecca Bernstein, Project Scientist (GMTO); Chris Martin, TIO SAC Member, Caltech Professor; Christophe Dumas, TMT Observatory Scientist & Head of Operations (TIO); Gary Sanders, TMT Project Manager (TIO); Mike Bolte, TIO Board of Directors, UCSC Professor; Sandra Dawson, Manager Hawaii Community Affairs (TIO); Fengchuan Liu, TMT Deputy Project Manager (TIO); Warren Skidmore, Instrumentation System Scientist (TIO); Pat McCarthy, Director NSF National OIR Astronomy Research Laboratory (AURA); Mark Dickinson, US-ELT Program Scientist (AURA); Taft Armandroff, Vice-Chair GMTO Board of Directors; Heidy Kelman, Mechanical Design Engineer (GMTO); Jim Fanson, GMT Project Manager (GMTO); Sydney Wolff, US-ELT Program Director; Caty Pilachowski, TIO Board of Directors (AURA); Gordon Squires, Head Communication & Vice President External Affairs (TIO) ]

Figure1 reduced
December 9th, 2019

Group picture of TMT Science Forum 2019, held on the campus of Xiamen University in China, November 2019.

Figure4 left hros workshop edited
December 4th, 2019

The science cases and instrument design of one of TMT’s first decade instruments, the High Resolution Optical Spectrograph (HROS) were discussed during a workshop on the day before the Forum in China. This workshop was aimed at facilitating the definition of HROS main science requirements and the building of its core science team.

Poster tmt forum2019
August 21st, 2019

Registration is open for the 7th annual TMT Science Forum to be held on the campus of Xiamen University, in China. Scheduled for November 4-6, 2019, make your plans and come to attend the next TMT Forum and get an update on the Thirty-Meter-Telescope design and construction. For more information, please visit:

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January 16th, 2019

TMT-China Annual Assembly and TMT High Resolution Optical Spectrograph Instrument (HROS) Workshop.

December 20th, 2018

Group picture of TMT Science Forum participants, held in Pasadena, California - December 2018.

December 20th, 2018

Group picture of TMT Science Forum participants, held in Pasadena, California - December 2018.

Tmtposter mediumres
October 17th, 2018

“Breakthrough science with the TMT" is the 6th edition of TMT Science Forum. It will be held in Pasadena, California, Dec. 10-12, 2018. All details about the meeting organization can be found on the Forum webpage (

Tmtprimarymirror oct.2018
October 12th, 2018

The TMT primary mirror is segmented comprising a total of 492 hexagonal segments, each about 1.44 meters (56.6 inches) across corners. The segments fit very closely together, and are spaced with gaps of only 2.5 mm (0.1 inch).

April 18th, 2018

Science Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting participants at the Thirty Meter Telescope International Observatory project office. Image Credit: TMT International Observatory

Iris simulation of the pluto and charon system
February 21st, 2017

Three color (J, H and K bands) simulated images of Pluto and its moon Charon as IRIS would see this binary Kuiper-belt system.

Iris simulation of io observations
February 21st, 2017

IRIS simulated near-infrared images of Jupiter's moon, Io (center) compared to real images obtained with the Keck telescope (left) and Galileo spacecraft (right).

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