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Total Lunar Eclipse Visible Across TMT Partnership

[Text courtesy of TMT and the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory]:

On April 4, 2015 a total lunar eclipse will be visible across the TMT partnership. The moon will be in total eclipse for about 5 minutes, and the eclipse event will last for over 3 hours. The total lunar eclipse, or "blood moon" will be visible in most of North America, South America, Asia and parts of Australia.

The elevation of the moon will be over 20 degrees when the total lunar eclipse occurs, providing a good opportunity to view the event. The eclipse is best observed at places with an unobscured view to the horizon in the southeast.

For more information, and to view times of the eclipse event across the world see e.g.,

From China, members of the public can also watch the event from moonrise to the moon leaving the penumbra via a webcast from the Internet Observatories of China or The webcast is jointly-provided by the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO), the Shenzhen Xichong Astronomical Observatory, the Hong Kong Space Museum and 

To watch the webcast on computers or laptops, see:

To watch the webcast on handheld devices, see:

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