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John Miles, Jamie Nakawatase, Nanci Préel-Dumas and Saeko Hayashi from TMT and Star Wars Troopers are celebrating Science, Technology & Environment within Pasadena community at Eliot Arts Magnet Academy Science Night on Friday 24 January, 2020. Image credit: TMT International Observatories

Eliot Arts Magnet Academy's Science Night

Pasadena, CA - TMT participated in the 3rd and  biggest Annual Science Night of Eliot Arts Magnet Academy on Friday 24 January. The event featured over 70 exhibitors from industries within the greater Los Angeles area representing cutting edge science and technology development, high tech engineering, robotics and a lot more.

Students, parents and teachers learned about the TMT project, and had fun with the hands-on spectroscopy experiment.

Science Night at Eliot Arts Magnet School

TMT Engineers Saeko Hayashi and Jamie Nakawatase attending the Science Night at Eliot Arts Magnet School in Altadena on January 24th, 2020. Image credit: TMT International Observatory

Eliot Arts Magnet School Science Night Poster

Poster for 3rd Annual Science Night at Eliot Arts Magnet Academy.

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