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TMT M1 polished roundel manufactured at Coherent, August 2021 - Secure handling of a finished roundel in the preparation for transportation to TMT’s warehouse. Image credit: TMT International Observatory

Production of the TMT M1 mirrors ramps up at Coherent Inc.


TMT polished roundel inspection  - August 2021

TMT polished roundel inspection - August 2021 - On-site source inspection of a new TMT roundel produced by Coherent, Inc. - Image credit: TMT International Observatory

Pasadena, CA - Production of TMT’s polished glass-ceramic (M1 roundels) is ramping up according to plan. Coherent technicians and engineers have been busy polishing more roundels over the summer. Four new TMT primary mirrors underwent verification activities to meet TMT’s requirements. The new M1 roundels successfully passed inspection, including an on-site examination in August.

Bob Anderson, TMT Quality Assurance Group Leader, and Coherent quality assurance inspector performed a source inspection of the new TMT roundels. TIO validated the cosmetic surface inspections made by Coherent inspectors.

Following the source inspection, the roundels were carefully moved into their individual storage containers before being transported to the TMT warehouse in the Bay Area. At this time, TMT has a total of 10 Coherent roundels ready for the next production stage, Hex-cutting.

TMT full-size M1 roundel safely moved in the Coherent facility. Time-lapse video from August 2021 - A vacuum lift fixture uses suction cups to hold the roundel and move it from the cart to its storage container - Video credit: TMT International Observatory

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