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GEMS in Hawaii

Over three hundred fifth grade girls from the west side of Hawaii Island gathered in Kona on November 14 for the annual Girls Exploring Math and Science, or GEMS, event.

Each year women from the local community introduce girls to their occupations and explore how math, science, and technology are used in their professions. This year, GEMS featured 21 hands-on workshops and 10 exhibits, with workshop topics including marine science, architecture, financial planning, veterinary medicine, land surveying, chemistry, astronomy, dentistry, culinary science and more.

TMT has been a major sponsor of this event for the past four years. TMT funding helped to provide scholarships to select students with financial need.

“I won’t forget the presentations of the all-female lineup of architects, chemists, engineers, astronomers, veterinarians, scuba diving instructors, fitness instructors, marine biologists, and many more, who were leading the workshops,” said Sandra Dawson, TMT Manager of Hawaii Community Affairs. “Perhaps today these young women were inspired to look into the future and see what their lives and careers could be. That’s what it’s all about and why TMT is thrilled to help girls in Hawaii move forward into careers in science, technology, engineering and math.”

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The event is also described in an article in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald:

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