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TMT at the sWE23 Career Fair

TMT International Observatory Attended the 2023 Society of Women Engineers National Conference (sWE23) in LA

The women of TMT were honored to participate in the Society of Women Engineers SWE23 Conference held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, CA from 26 to 28 October, 2023.

sWE23: arriving at LACC

It was an awesome opportunity for us to share about TMT as a project as well as our passion working at TMT. - Feronika

I enjoyed networking with other attendees and learning about the speakers’ experiences within the industry. - Pavithra

sWE23 - Keynote

This was the largest Society of Women Engineers (SWE) National Conference in History.  The annual flagship event brought together over 20,000 attendees from all around the world and included a career fair, keynote speakers, engaging panels, numerous networking opportunities and 200+ workshops and presentations.

sWE23 career fair crowds
sWE23 career fair crowds 2


I told many of the young women that we would be around for their entire careers, so to keep checking on our progress! - Kerry

We had a huge impact at the career fair and planted the seed of the idea of working in an observatory in many minds and hearts. - Angelic


In addition to providing a forum for professional development and networking, SWE helps engineering students seeking internships and career opportunities to connect to the corporate world. 

The staff at the booth presented TIO for the first time at SWE, shared various career paths and opportunities, and were thrilled to connect with fellow engineers, and engage with engineering students, and leaders in tech. It's been a whirlwind of learning and connection.

Check out this YouTube Video featuring even more photos.

sWE23 farewell selfie


I came out of the conference feeling energized and ready to apply the new ideas and perspectives to my work. - Kanu

I really appreciate all the differing paths, perspectives, and understanding the collective experiences of many in various engineering fields, which provides new insights for me personally and professionally. - Melissa

Special thanks to Corinne Boyer, Angelic Ebbers, Sarah Gajadhar, Nancy Han, Kayla Hardie, Holly Novack, Pavithra Pandian, Nanci Preel-Dumas, Kerry Slater, Feronika Tanti, Gelys Trancho, Melissa Trubey, Kanu Warad, Mabel Wong, Joelle Zavzavadjian, and Cynthia Zhang for the great and motivating days at the SWE23 conference. It was wonderful to spend time together in person!


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