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Professor G.C. Anupama, Dean of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) in Bengaluru is the first woman elected president of the Astronomical Society of India - Image credit: The Indian Express Group / Inuth

Dr. G.C. Anupama Becomes First Woman to Lead the Astronomical Society of India

Professor G.C. Anupama has become the first woman ever elected president of the Astronomical Society of India, the main association of Indian professional astronomers. The society’s main mission is to support the development of astronomical science in India and to promote the understanding of the Universe to the general public.

Professor Anupama is an accomplished scientist at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) in Bengaluru. She is a core member of the India TMT Coordination Center (ITCC), one of the international partner institutes involved in building the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT). Dr. Anupama is leading the TMT Primary Mirror Segment group in India, whose technical center, the India TMT Optics Fabricating Facility (ITOFF), is being built at the Centre For Research & Education in Science & Technology (CREST), on the IIA campus, near Bengaluru.  Once completed, the ITOFF will be a major optical facility dedicated to the polishing and assembly of the TMT primary mirror segments.

Internationally renowned in Astrophysics for her research on supernovae, Dr. Anupama is a senior professor in charge of the CREST and the Indian Astronomical Observatory (IAO), managed by IIA. The IAO is hosting the Himalayan Chandra Telescope (HCT), a telescope physically located at an altitude of 4500 m in Hanle, Ladakh, and remotely operated from the CREST facility via a dedicated satellite link.

Congratulations to Dr. Anupama for her scientific achievements!

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