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Exploring Your Universe (EYU) 2022, at UCLA on Nov. 6, 2022 - The TMT team from Pasadena (Christophe Dumas, Warren Skidmore, Saeko Hayashi, Denis Zaytsev, Cynthia Zhang, Yvonne Chen, Amir Sadjadpour and Nanci Préel Dumas) provided activities to many visitors from the greater Los Angeles community in UCLA’s Court of Sciences - Video Credit: TMT International Observatory View Video Page

TMT Promotes Science at UCLA’s “Exploring Your Universe 2022”

Pasadena, CA –  The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) presented its first in-person Exploring Your Universe (EYU) science fair in three years on November 6, 2022. About 12,000 visitors of all ages and backgrounds came to UCLA from the greater LA community.
The goal of this family-friendly event is to share the excitement of science through hands-on learning and to inspire the next generation of scientists. This 14th annual science fair included science booths for hand-on science experiments and exhibits, science presentations, “ask a scientist” panels and nighttime astronomy observation events -- amateur telescopes were made available on the roof of the planetarium building to experience the beauty of the night-sky above Los Angeles.
Visitors learned about emerging methods for studying the cosmos and technologies involved in the making of the next generation of telescopes. TMT’s booth included a virtual-reality experience of the Observatory, and demonstrations to show how mass deforms space and how gravity works around black-holes with our gravity well. Kids were encouraged to experiment with sunlight radiation using color-changing ultraviolet sensitive beads and learned how a large telescope like TMT works using the brand-new 3D model of the Observatory.
“It is really rewarding to see the happiness and astonishment of the visitors” said Yvonne Chen, who recently joined TMT as Assistant Project Control Analyst. “Judging by the number of participants, this event is clearly a great success. We look forward to coming back next year!”
Made possible by UCLA staff, EYU is a student-run, volunteer-led science initiative to provide a day of free science exploration to the public. EYU is the largest science outreach event on campus bringing together thousands of participants from the LA area every first Sunday in November. Its mission is to provide a hands-on learning experience each year for all backgrounds.
Exploring Your Universe (EYU) 2022, at UCLA on Nov. 6, 2022

Exploring Your Universe (EYU) 2022, at UCLA on Nov.6, 2022 - TMT booth at EYU science fair was very busy all day and offered fun games and activities with the VR, gravity well and UV beads - Credit: TMT International Observatory

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